Oliver's full legal name is Oliver Dombi and He came into this world on the night of Christmas in 1981 in the Hospital of Sepsiszentgyorgy, a small town in Transylvania. After finishing school in 2000, not so deeply interested in further education, He was mostly into 'Composing Music with Computer' and in the Autumn of 2001 his curiousity to write music with PC finally became reality, when He starts to write Music with 'Impulse Tracker', a ms-dos based Music Making Software, but the biggest step in his early music producing period was on the summer of 2006, when He signs a Contract with ISR (Usa). Later that year He steps forward and sets up His own label: Audiosex Records, as by that time 'Audiosex' was His Artist name and his first officially released work was: Audiosex - Better Kill Others than Yourself (ISR-2006-Vinyl, CD). In 2007 made a decision to use one more Artist name, why He always made and still makes music in very varicolored directions, sometimes even under one single artist name, and the new Artist Name becomes: SHAMBALA NETWORKS (later many new names too), a basically ambient oriented project, but very Fusion alike. SHAMBALA NETWORKS - Deep Spiritual Network Connections, was the Debut Artist LP, available on CD Released at His own label: ADX Records (from Audiosex Recs.) distributed by 'Arabesque Distribution'. SN through ADX is distributed by many other distributors, and in present by the UK based 'Label-Worx Distribution' doing digital Releases, but also Releasing on other labels like 'Ozky E Sound' CDr too. SN makes many Releases on other labels as well on ADX.

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