''In Buddhism there is a place called 'Shambhala' the 'land of enlightened masters'. (For some it is just a state of mind, I believe it is both. Every Mindstate is a Space, a Space/Place is a Mindstate).
I choosed the artist name 'Shambala Networks' for all these places in and outside the Universe, the whole Networking System.''

Abiogenesis, the EP, the 3 part Album in 2 LPs and One EP

'MICROSCOPIC ROBOTS' Out on 31th of August, 2015 on AMBIENT MAFIA

The album also has a collab song (Gomba). The collab/remix was made by Sourabh Bapuli from India who was not so long ago signed to Oliver Dombi's label, ADX Records. Microscopic Robots, 2015 @ Ambient Mafia, ADX Distributin (MN2S).

Still Winter is the second part of the great successful album 'The Last Winter' released 5 years ago on many labels throughout the years: ADX Records, Nirvana Studio, Ozky E Sound ...txt Recordings. 

Dark Ambient, Nature Ambient and Clinical Ambient from Oliver Dombi with the Shambala Networks artist schizo. These albums are oriented into a world of cold and darkness with an edge of the Alchemical and Metaphysical Space.

Innovative Integrated Informations
(The Nature of Consciousness).
This is the 15th 'Shambala Networks' signed LP, which was written to include eight tracks, finally becomes a 10 track LP as SN decided to add guest Artist to the Album: Ilaria Mazzari, from Bologna, Italy, an artista now also known in the chill, downtempo/ambient world. She already was previously signed to ADX Records with Her ULTIMA RATIO Release, released in July 2014.
Bio written by the Artist:
I'm a classically trained guitarist and a multi-instrumentalist. I've started playing the guitar when I was 8 years old. Music has always been my deepest passion and I have played a lot of different genres indeed, from etno jazz to post-rock, acoustic, bossa nova, progressive rock and so on. I had the fortune to play many gigs, in several places, theatres, museums and a lot of beautiful stages. I'm not afraid of experimenting with music, so I've recently started playing electronic music. Influenced by Minimalism and classical music I am now focusing on Ambient and experimental trying to melt them together.

See Also ADX NEW IMPRINTs in the Genre: Ambient Planet, Ambient Mafia, TAOPUT (The Ability of Performing Unlimited Techniques) and coming shortly: Sound Films - Sound Visions.

Shambala Networks - Abiogenesis II

For the First Part of 'Abiogenesis' check ADX Records, with Release date in 2012, 10th of May.
Shambala Networks - ERTEDE - The LP! 12 tracks with Downtempo, chill, Reggae/Dub soundings. A while ago a single tune with title 'Ertede' was Released on ADX Records, now here is the Full Length Album signed on AMBIENT MAFIA.

A Continue 'SongAlbum' of the 'Praying is a Telepathic Mindstate with God' melodying and droning the music of the True Law. Originally the track 'Mindstate with Angels' was made to be the only song for this Album, but finally was done with two attendants, and in the end the Albums name becomes the attendants name: Sacred.
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